Pomodoro - key to productivity

Pomodoro - key to productivity

You know that feeling when you work for several hours but indeed nothing is finally done? Most of us work about 8 hours for a day. How many of that hours are well-used and productive? What makes us so ineffective at the office?

We are unable to work 100% for several hours. We need breaks. The problem is that we usually take breaks when we think we need them. Breaks are too often or vice versa too rare. Breaks likely to fill all available time. That ends in that, we spent all day long surfing on Internet. Is there any solution for this problem? Yes - is called Pomodoro.

Pomodoro is Italian word for tomato. What has a tomato to productivity? Not much. Simple the kitchen timers often have the shape of a tomato. Pomodoro technique assumes that you work with a timer, which tracks your working time and break time. Usually, working time takes 25 minutes and break time is 5 minutes. This kind of cycle can be repeated for several times and then you can take a longer break.

At the beginning, the goal is to realize 4 Pomodoro for the day. After that increase the number of Pomodoro successively until you find the most optimal amount for yourself. 8 hours is 16 Pomodoro. I'm sure that you do not need more than 10 Pomodoro daily. You can also start estimating the time in Pomodoros. For example: writing an article will take 3 Pomodoros (1h30m).

Create an account at www.trask.life and start using Pomodoro technique today. Trask has built-in Pomodoro time tracking - so you can take any tasks from todo list and realize it in Pomodoro cycles. I know from my own experience that Pomodoro will make you more productive.